Frequently Asked Questions

  • I have bad credit. Can I still find a lender?

    Yes. You may still qualify for a loan with bad credit.

  • What's my interest rate and when do I need to pay back the loan?

    Your interest rate and repayment schedule will vary based on the lender you're connected with. Once you are connected with a lender, you'll be transferred to the lender's website to review and approve the repayment terms for your loan.

  • How will I know if I am connected with a lender?

    After you submit your information, you will receive an on-screen message. Please note: It may take up to a minute or more to determine if a lender will work with you, so do not close or navigate away from this page after completing the form.

  • What can I use my loan for?

    You can use your funds for any purpose. Personal expenses such as auto repairs, debt consolidation, home improvement and medical expenses are common reasons.

  • Can I get find a lender today?

    If you get started today, you will receive a quick response. If you are connected with a lender, your funds could be in your account in as soon as tomorrow. Money transfer times may vary between lending partners and may depend on your individual financial institution.

  • I have a fixed income. Can I still find a lender?

    Yes. Many lending partners specialize in providing loans to people who receive various types of benefits such as Social Security, Retirement, or Veteran's Benefits.

  • Does it cost anything to get started?

    No. There is no cost to complete the form.

  • I have a job and also receive benefits. Which form of income should I use on my form?

    To make your form information as accurate as possible, specify the form of income that represents a higher percentage of your monthly income.

  • How is my private information protected?

    Your information is encrypted and securely transmitted to the lender, who then decides whether to fund your loan. We use AES256 bit encryption to protect all data in transit.